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Addiction Relief

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1982 Main Street E
Snellville, GA 30078
Phone: 4703953618
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Too many families have suffered the pain of an addicted love one. It takes a toll on the individual and many of the people who love them. Some people became addicted without warning or knowledge that something a trusted source offered them to help them get through a difficult or painful situation could have led to this. Our goal is to assist people who want to take back control of their lives through a combination of medication (Suboxone) and counseling.


My practice is not suitable for all people needing buprenorphine treatment. In order to become a client in my practice, you must: 

1. Be behaviorally stable and highly motivated towards recovery from substance dependence. 

2. Be in stable medical condition. A medical evaluation by a primary care physician may be required if there are questions about your medical condition. 

3. Be engaged with a counselor or therapist before beginning treatment. (See a list of therapist below) 

4. Be able to reliably attend office appointments. 

5. Be able to reliably pay office fees at the time of service. Insurance is not accepted. 

6. Not have been dismissed by any other Suboxone provider within the past two years. 

7. Sign a Buprenorphine Consent Agreement. 

8.Agree not to use any other illicit substances while in Suboxone treatment (including all opiates,cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, ecstasy, marijuana.) 

9. Agree to undergo periodic substance testing. 

Individuals who require a more structured treatment setting, and/or require direct coverage by insurance,are encouraged to seek an alternate local treatment setting, such as Riverwoods Behavioral http://www.riverwoodsbehavioral.com/addiction/opiates. Other local physicians qualified to prescribe buprenorphine are also listed suboxone.com. Local therapist and counselors can be found at:


We treat people that are serious about overcoming their addiction to opiates, like heroin and prescription pain medications.

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